Monday, 10 October 2016

Hoodwinker by Enter Shikari.

Hoodwinker by Enter Shikari.

Released October 9 2016.

First featured on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show with Daniel P Carter.

Second single released post-Mindsweep.

Length: 3:32.

Overall rating: 5/5.

Now available on iTunes for purchase and for streaming on Youtube and Spotify.

Nearing the two year mark since The Mindsweep hit the hearts and minds of Shikari fans across the globe, the St Albans quartet, Enter Shikari have once again smashed their way through the eardrums of thousands of loyal followers.

With the surprise announcement of Hoodwinker being broadcast across the spectrum of social media during the dwindling hours of Sunday (October 9) evening, fans' reactions (including my own) was nothing short of pure, unadulterated ecstasy. Whilst I was sitting at Fratton train station I was perusing my Facebook news feed to find the announcement of Hoodwinker and the news that it would be premiering on the Radio 1 show between the hours of 7pm-9pm that very evening.

Not since the days before Redshift was unleashed on the music world have I felt such joy at the prospect of a new single by any band I loyally follow.

Then came the moment of relief, when Mr Carter started an intro with Arguing with Thermometers in the background. This was it, this was the moment.

The heavy intro kicked in with the growlings of one Mr Rou Reynolds adding another darker layer to the song. I was already hooked. Enter Shikari, in my opinion, are the only band that can start a song by kicking you in the teeth with their hardcore drumming (courtesy of Lord Rolfy) and their intense guitar and bass lines and riffs (here's looking at you Rory C and Chris Batten) to follow it up with anthemic choruses powerful political lyrics. Hoodwinker is no different.

The only song that I could even begin to liken it to would be Arguing with Thermometers, but even then it is a completely different sound. The main thing with Enter Shikari is that they are a band that can shock you at every step, delivering a unique direction in nearly every song they put to the page. The message still stands the same, the Albans boys are not slowing down any time soon, and after the announcement of the Live at Ally Pally bootleg (for which I was at the front for the entirety of the show) fans of Shikari can be rest assured that there will be more material and innovation, more sell-out shows in huge arenas, more delight and joy to follow over the coming year(s).

Roll on the new album!

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