Sunday, 1 May 2016

Captain America: Civil War (aka Avengers 2.5)

So I have just returned from watching the latest installment of the gargantuan cinematic behemoth which is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What more can I say about the Marvel cinema experience other than its ambition has become its own worst enemy, a victim of its own success. I shall just go ahead and say, I did enjoy the film, for all of its flaws and all of its perfections.

While some of the many entries into the comic book adaptions have been good, for the most part, I have started to feel like it has become a constant loop where the only winners will be Disney (and hardcore fans of course).

Firstly, the spectacle of having all of these heroes on screen (the Avengers Assemble boasting six of the earth's mightiest heroes where Civil War showcasing a further three, but more on that later) is something to behold. Other films haven't been as lucky to get away with such an ideal (see X-Men 3 Last Stand and Batman Vs Superman) but here, in the complete nerdgasm which is Civil War, it works for the most part.

New entries into this latest super-flick include the UK's own Tom Holland as the truly fantastic adaption of Spiderman, a spectacular and refreshing interpretation of our friendly neighborhood web-slinger, and the wonderfully acted Black Panther, portrayed by Chadwick Boseman. These heroes add something to the film that an Avengers film has been yearning for, not to say that the other actors don't fill in the screen time as well. Paul Rudd as Ant Man surpasses his stand-alone film, which I still find irritatingly disappointing.

The story, whilst a bit lackluster overall, does keep you enthralled. Since Avengers Assemble the idea of seeing these iconic characters battle it out has always been something of dreams, but in Civil War it blasts those early-in-the-series scenes out of the water. Seeing RDJ fighting Chris Evans is grand to say the least, no matter which side you take (personally #TeamIronMan all the way). Each has their own motives and their own way to make the audience take a side.

I do not wish to ruin any massive plot points, as someone who detests spoiler-filled reviews I fully apply myself to keeping the secrets. But, wherein lies continue, the bad guy- an overly ambitious Zemo (not Baron.....just no) that continues to show that Marvel cannot seem to get a bad guy right, apart from the enigmatic Ultron in what was overall a disappointing film. Zemo doesn't play much purpose in the film at all, same can be said for the usually great Martin Freeman (hopefully a character that will have a massive development further down the line).

Now, Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, the architect of all the heroes' pain..sorry I almost got myself mixed up with Christoph Waltz in Spectre, he is essentially the same as he was at the end of the second Captain America, a man who has had his head messed about with by a higher power which results in a lot of Jason Bourne-type shit. Whilst his part is much bigger, and holds a pivotal role in this film, he is still the same teenage-angsty sort of character, with more scowl than 100 Batmans. In all fairness he needed to be for the conflict to work in the first place, and Sebastian Stan nailed the Winter Soldier.

Now I am well aware this is my opinion and, like the saying goes, opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one. But I did enjoy the two hours of crazy, CGI-belted action which was Civil War. With all of its peaks and all of its troughs I did think it was an acceptable addition to the MCU line-up. I am just saddened that nothing will be able to surpass Avengers Assemble, point and case is Loki, the best onscreen Marvel baddie ever. It seems no other Marvel film will ever encapsulate the essence of a decent antagonist, we shall just have to wait and see what Thanos holds in store (hopefully something other than an Infinity Gauntlet).

Captain America: Civil War- 4/5 (and that is me being generous).

I shall leave you with a thought- in a world full of superhero movies and reboots, where will blockbusters end up? Surely, just surely, the superhero trend will die out. 

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